We are pleased to report that ,after nearly 4 years of hard work by PFFCs Downtown DC Public Restroom Committee, Bill 22-0223, Public Restroom Facilities Installation & Promotion Act of 2017 has gone through markup by the Committee on Transportation & Environment with committee vote anticipated in early to mid October. Next steps include: the Committee on Health to markup and vote on the bill followed by comments from the Committee on Human Services. We anticipate that Big 22-0223 will go to the Committee of the Whole for vote by December, become law, and then transferred to the Administration to be carried out.

Bill 22-0223 directs a working group composed of the DC Departments of Public Works, General Services, Transportation, Parks & Recreation, and Human Services and DC Water to (1) identify options and sites for clean, safe, stand-alone public restrooms open 24/7; and (2) propose a program, similar to the Community Toilet Scheme in England which provides incentives to businesses to open their restrooms to the public with the provisos that they put decals on their windows and that they deny restroom access only in exceptional circumstances.  Both programs will begin as pilots.

In collaboration with Greater Greater Washington, we are in the process of launching a multi-faceted approach designed to convince all 13 DC Council members to vote for Bill 22-0223 when it comes to the Council of the Whole for vote.

We are thankful to the many individuals and organizations that have endorsed our Initiative and Bill 22-0223 and who continue to support this important endeavor.

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