Long time PFFC member John McDermott receives certificate of recognition


At the Sunday June 4 service of the Church of the Epiphany,  PFFC DirectorRobert Warren, on behalf of all of us at PFFC, presented a certificate of recognition  to long-time PFFC member John McDermott for “For his multiple contributions over the years to PFFC: as Founding Member; Treasurer; Member of Loo Committee;  his initiative and willingness to assist with any and all PFFC projects“.  John  has been a loyal and faithful member to PFFC since PFFC began 11 years ago. Congratulations, John!

DC Council includes funds in its FY 2020 budget to pilot two public restroom programs

We are  thrilled to announce that the FY 2020 Budget passed by the DC Council on May 28 included first year funding for implement two public restroom pilots This is a major win for PFFC which launched its Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative in 2014. Our research, documenting the need in D, and providing lessons learned and best practices from other cities in the US and elsewhere that have been successful in installing clean, safe standalone public restrooms available to everyone. inspired the introduction of Bill 22-0223 (now Law 22-280), Public Restrooms Facilities Installation and Promotion Act of 2018. Law 22-280 charges the an Interagency Working Group to recommend two pilots: two standalone public restrooms available 24/7; and a pilot of a successful program that began in England under which businesses receive incentives to open their restrooms to the public. If successful, one or both programs would be expanded.

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