Janet, George and John      in the Exceloo APT

On May 25 PFFC’s “Loo Committee” took a field trip to Winchester VA. Our objective was to see two Automated Public Toilets (APTs) made by Exceloo, a company located in New Zealand, that were installed in downtown  Winchester as part of an effort to rehabilitate Winchester’s historic area. The Exceloo is totally automated: from entering, to getting toilet paper,  having the toilet flush, obtain soap, wash one’s hands, and dry them. APTs are one of three options that PFFC’s Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative has proposed to the DC government should Bill 22-0223, Public Restroom Facilities    Installation & Promotion Act of 2017 be passed and become law.





Restroom card: cover & one internal panel

Since the beginning of June, Janet, John, George, and Marcy have begun distributing restroom palm cards the size of business cards that open into four panels.  The palm cards contain information, by area of town (Downtown DC, Shaw, near Dupont Circle, Georgetown) on restrooms that are available to the public, their addresses, and the hours that they are open. For the benefit of individuals who carry bags, true of many individuals who live on the streets, each information is provided on whether bags are allowed and, if so, if there is a limitation in number of bags.

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