The National Coalition on Homelessness (NCH) has for several years organized memorial services in Washington DC and other cities in the US in December close to the shortest day of the year (the Solstice) to honor individuals who died on the streets during the year. In 2013 NCH approached PFC with the idea of expanding the focus to include an event the day before and the day of the memorial service in order to bring wider attention to the plight of individuals without housing in DC. PFC gladly took this on.

To date, PFFC, with NCH, has organized four Vigils: one held on December 19 and 20 of 2013; the second on December 18/19 of 2014, the third on December 17/18 of 2015; and the most recent on December 20/21, 2016. Vigils have become progressively larger (in a number of participants) and comprehensive (in a number of activities). Each year has seen an increase in sponsors and collaborators, funding, and media coverage.

On Dec 20, 2023, we gathered at Luther Place Memorial Church for our 11th Annual Homeless Memorial Vigil, honoring neighbors who passed away without the dignity of a home. People for Fairness Coalition, with community partners and members, marched and carried a symbolic casket from the church down 14th Street NW to Freedom Plaza, representing the hundreds who died without a home in our city.

On Dec 21, 2023, as part of the vigil, we walked through the Wilson Building, speaking to Council Members on behalf of the unhoused population, advocating for the right to a proper burial for those who die without the dignity of a home.

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