On September 30, 2020, the DC Department of General Services (DGS) went out to ANCs, BIDs, and Clean Teams asking them, if interested in participating the standalone public restroom pilotprovided for under Law 22-280, Public Restroom Facilities Installation & Promotion Act, to fill in and return a survey by October 21,2020.

Law 22-280 provides financing for the installation and maintenance of two standalone public restrooms open 24/7 to be carried out as a pilot. If successful, funds are available in the DC Capital Budget to install two new standalone public restrooms per year for 4 consecutive years, or up to 10 standalones.

Once the information from the surveys is compiled, the Mayor will form an Interagency Working Group,with representation from four non-profit organizations and a specialist in urban planning which is tasked with selecting the two locations most appropriate for carrying out the pilot and the standalone public restroom to be installed in each location.

Options include the Portland Loo and Automated Public Toilets.