The People for Fairness Coalition is celebrating, who would have imagined, 9 Years!

Over the last 9 years PFFC has been synonymous with working to ending homelessness through: Advocacy, Outreach and Peer Mentorship. We’ve hosted many events that have helped us reach and surpassed our goals to increase the awareness of how important affordable housing is to end housing instabilities for our most vulnerable neighbors in the District.

We are led by people who are or who have experienced homelessness, and we work collectively with many different groups to respond to a variety of issues to find solutions. We bring together many different voices to reflect The Right to Housing, Anti-Discrimination, The Homeless Vigil and The Public Restroom Initiative work we do, to assure we reach respond and reap the fruits of our labor.

Come Join us on Tuesday, June 20 at 10:30 am at the Courtyard, Miriam’s Kitchen located at the Western Presbyterian Church, 2401 Virginia Ave, NW