Eli, 5 years old, peeks out of Portland Loo in Cambridge MA

Marcia Bernbaum and George Olivar (members of PFFC’s Downtown DC Public Restroom Initiative) were honored to be invited to participate in an NPF’s 1A on Wednesday, January 27.,2021: When You Gotta Go: the Public Restroom Problem. 1A  airs on more than 340 NPR member stations in 35 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands  During a given week, approximately 5 million people tune in to 1A.

Questions for George focused primarily on his experience as so someone former homeless finding a clean, safe restroom when nature calls.  Marcia received a number of questions about PFFC’s advocacy activities.

Marcy and George were accompanied by Lezlie Lowe, author of Nowhere to Go: How Public Bathrooms Fail our Private Needs, and Julie Chau, NYC architect who has been involved in the design go public restrooms.

Those interested in  hearing the Podcast of the show can access it at: https://the1a.org/segments/when-you-gotta-go-the-public-bathroom-problem/